Sample screen shots.

Beyond Search helps you to search/distribute any files in your local area network or on ftp servers fast and effectively, for which you can't do with Windows Search utility. It helps you save your time and money when you need to find something in your network and ftp servers. You just specify file pattern, Beyond Search will do all jobs for you automatically. Distributing files on network is just one click away.

Beyond Search is designed with a very fast multi-thread engine. Even hidden share resources could be searched as well. You can skip any domains, servers (e.g., slow servers), and useless folders, or you just search only in specific ones of them. You can indicate passive mode, port, login name and password for ftp search. And also can you use date and size as search filter. Asterisk (*) is supported to mask domain, server, file and folderĄ¯s name. Search option could be saved and reuse later. Importing a long list of ftp servers from a text file is supported to avoid manually input.

A Windows Explorer style interface makes it easy to use. With a log window, you easily watch how the search is going. Matching files are listed while search is in processing. You can select any of them, to open, copy, delete, move, rename, create shortcut, copy the URL, and drag & drop to other application, or just hide them. You can sort the result by name, location, size, or date, by just one click. You can also do fast find, or further search inside the result list and navigate the result history. The result list could be exported to text file or html file.  

Main Features:
  • Search files on local network, ftp servers or in search results with multi-thread designed engine
  • Distribute any file and application to network workstations
  • Windows Explorer style interface
  • Search the hidden share resources
  • Skip any domains or servers (e.g. slow servers) when searching in network or search in specific ones only  
  • Only search in specific folders or skip them
  • Multi-level Folder option supported (e.g. search files only in folder of Share\music\mp3)
  • Filtering by file date and size
  • Use asterisk (*) to mask domain, server, file and folder's name
  • Search files or folders only, or both
  • Search in result and navigate the history
  • User different connection mode for each ftp server respectively
  • Importing a long list of ftp servers from a text file
  • Actions with search results (open, copy, delete, move, rename, create shortcut, copy URL, sort, fastfind, hide, etc.) 
  • Export search results to text or html file
  • All results and options can be saved and reused
  • Support Win9x/ME/NT/2000/XP